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K2n Technical Director, Professor Ian Knight, is giving a talk to the Association of University Engineers (AUE) on September 4th 2015
08.06.2014: iSERVcmb project completed with excellent results
K2n system released with new HVAC and Process functionality
K2n's energy monitoring and optimisation software chosen as the automatic monitoring and feedback system for the prestigious iSERVcmb EU project.
K2n Energy Reporting & Optimisation System (EROS)

K2n Ltd. have produced a powerful cloud based Energy Reporting & Optimisation System that uses a radically different approach to existing meter-based energy monitoring systems.

We are able to provide bespoke profiles for your building and systems (HVAC, lighting & small power). This is made possible by our 7,000+ benchmarks which are produced at the component, space and activity level. These benchmarks allow K2n to provide reports down to the space and component on a sub-hourly basis as well as the ability to optimise buildings and systems by automatically highlighting energy conservation opportunities.

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Using the K2n process, McKenzie House, a Cardiff University twelve storey building, has reduced its total annual electricity use by 43% over a period of 6 years.

K2n is the home of the iSERVcmb methodology which allows for the inspection of HVAC systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking

The iSERVcmb project showed the practical operation and benefits of an automatic monitoring and feedback system (as now allowed for in the recast EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)) applied to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in EU Member States (MS).

It is an important project as previous work had indicated real savings of up to 60% were achievable in individual HVAC systems through the iSERVcmb project approach. By applying the approach to 330 buildings across 20 EU Member States, the average annual electricity usage for a building was reduced by ~9%.

The project Partners and Steering Group were, the two main professional bodies for HVAC systems in Europe (CIBSE and REHVA), eight universities across Europe, HVAC component and filter manufacturers, maintenance and inspection engineers, and property developers.

iSERVcmb used K2n's energy reporting & optimisation system to provide the configuration, analysis and optimisation of the 2,800 live HVAC systems, throughout Europe, during the three year project.

The project is now complete and the full findings can be downloaded from the link alongside or 

K2n continue to refine and offer the asset description spreadsheet initially developed for iSERVcmb and the latest version of this can be downloaded here.  If you would like to obtain a benchmark for a building or system entered into this spreadsheet please contact K2n at . If you wish to utilise the whole data collection and reporting structure developed to support and report on the iSERVcmb buildings and their operational data, then again please contact