Name Description
K²n Building Asset Data Sheet Completion Guide A guide to completing the Building Asset Data Sheet along with answers to questions that are frequently asked.
K²n Building Asset Data Sheet - Example School An example Building Asset Data Sheet, completed for a Primary School, showing the basic information required MINUS the details which are also required for the Manufacturer, Model, Type etc for each COMPONENT included in the School. These component details should be completed before a building is submitted for operational assessment.
K²n Building Asset Data Sheet - BLANK A blank Building Asset Data Sheet ready to be completed so that the building can be loaded into the K²n Platform.
K²n Metering Overview The guide to the purpose for, and requirements of, the metering for the K²n iSERVcmb process.
K²n Extended Report Set for Example Primary School A sample K²n Extended Report Set for a Primary School with examples of some of the report types that are available through the K²n Platform.